Bounce House Safety Tips

//Bounce House Safety Tips

Does your party rental company take safety seriously? At Party rentals of Nova, we do and here are a few tips to keep your guests safe when using a company for your inflatable party rentals.

  • Does your company anchor the inflatable correctly? On grass set ups, most commercial grade bounce houses require several 18″ stakes, and for bounce house and slide combos, there may be one or more 36″ stakes for support of the slide. If setting up on a hard surface, i.e. concrete, asphalt, etc, sand bags will likely be used. Most inflatable manufacturers recommend a minimum of 75 lbs. per anchor point, and 150 lbs. for the slide anchor strap. This is very important as one of the most preventable accidents for inflatable rentals is proper anchoring.
  • Are there padded safety mats at the entrances and exits of any bounce house, combo, obstacle course or other interactive inflatables such as joust?

Notice the mats in front of the bounce house with slide

These mats should be a minimum of 2″ thick (such as a gym mat), and provide enough area for a soft landing should a child fall out of a bounce or combo. In case of an obstacle course where the participant is likely running full speed, the mats should encompass the maximum area of where a child may land when exiting the course. Party Rentals of Nova does provide padded mats for each of it’s non-water inflatable rentals as shown in the picture above. Does your rental company?

  • Keep on top of the weather. Some companies, such as Party Rentals of Nova will do this regardless of whether you do or not. There are several reasons for this, but again, safety is the number one reason. Although the decision is ultimately yours when it comes to keeping or cancelling a rental due to weather, we want you to be informed of the possibilities.
  • Wind and inflatables are not a good fit for each other, and for this reason we provide a digital wind speed gauge for use during each rental involving a giant inflatable. This is to take the guesswork out of the wind speed. Have you ever looked at a tree and thought how fast the wind is blowing? Now you don’t have to guess with the complimentary use of our wind speed gauges.
  • Even if there is no wind in the forecast, perhaps rain is in the forecast. Although there are some inflatables that are designed to be used with water, most are not. In fact, most bounce houses become very slippery when they become wet because they are made of vinyl. This poses risks to anyone on a unit that is not set up for water. It is highly recommended that everyone exits the inflatable and the blower is powered off during rainy or stormy periods. It is also highly recommended that once the weather has passed, an adult dries the inside with some towels prior to letting children back on to play. If rain is forecast all day on the date of your event, you may need to consider the possibility of cancelling your event.
  • Is the staff of your company trained to set up inflatables or do they just wing it? As noted at the bottom of our homepage, Party Rentals of Nova’s staff is certified by SIOTO

in advanced set ups of inflatable rentals. These include but are not limited to moonbounces, combos, giant slides, obstacle courses and other interactive inflatables such as velcro walls and joust arena’s. SIOTO is the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization and anyone who is performing set ups for us is advanced certified by SIOTO. Safety is not something to take lightly, and as father’s ourselves we take it very seriously at Party Rentals of Nova. You can check Sioto’s website to see if your rental company is certified. If their name is not on the list for your state, they are not certified.

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