Yes. All of our rentals include delivery and removal. There is a minimum rental required of $150.00. Setup is included for all tent and inflatable rentals. Tables and chairs will be delivered and picked up, however set up is additional. We will deliver tables and chairs to a location in your driveway or garage. For businesses, we will deliver tables and chairs to the entrance/exit of the building. 

Yes. Our inflatable rentals are cleaned and sanitized when we deliver and setup. This is so you can see that it’s been cleaned and not just take our word for it. Moonbounces and Inflatable Combos are vacuumed and sprayed with a mixture of Lysol lemon scent all purpose cleaner and MattKleen which is used for anti-fungal purposes.

Yes. We anchor all rentals to the manufacturer’s specifications which includes large stakes on grass surfaces and heavy sandbags on hard surfaces. We place safety mats at the entrances/exits of all bounce houses, inflatable combos, and dry slides to add a level of safety. We also provide a wind speed gauge for use during your rental to allow accurate wind calculations. Unfortunately, wind is not a friend of inflatables and we want everyone to be safe. We instruct you on wind speed thresholds and how to use the gauge.

We do. Although you are welcome to pay in full, we require a minimum of 25% of the total rental price to book your rentals. Any remaining balance is due upon delivery. Deposit refunds are available if your rental is cancelled within 72 hours of the start time. Refunds are not available once the rentals are delivered.

For Bounce Houses, inflatable combos, inflatable slides, dunk tanks, and concession rentals an attendant is required. We can provide an attendant at an additional cost or you can provide your own responsible adult(s) for supervision to ensure safety.

That all depends on the complexity of your rental. We will arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your rental time for set up. A basic moonbounce setup can generally be made in about 20-30 minutes. If you have multiple rentals we may arrive several hours before the start time to be sure we are setup and out of your way before the event starts. We will generally contact you 2-3 days prior to your rental date to lock in a delivery timeframe.

That depends. We could arrive as early as the end of your rental time up until several hours afterward. We offer tiered pricing for many items so if you want to be guaranteed a longer duration, be sure to set the hours of your rental accordingly. Our rental software will automatically calculate the time into the price.

We do. You will need to remove the blower unit for inflatables overnight so not just anyone can turn it on and utilize the rental. Overnight rentals will be charged at roughly half price for the second day.

That depends on your rental. 

  • Tent rentals – we will only setup on grass surfaces. This is due to the anchoring requirements for hard surfaces. Some companies use water barrels and think that they are safe. In fact, using these would require approximately 3 full 55 gallon barrels per anchor point to provide the holding power required. If you attempt to book a tent rental on a hard surface, we will not accept the booking.
  • Inflatable rentals – we can setup on grass or hard surfaces. This is due to the holding power required for an inflatable vs. a tent.

Yes, we carry a general liability policy in case of negligence on our part. In case of an accident, a thorough investigation will be conducted by the insurance company to determine the cause and whether we are liable or if the accident was due to safety rules being ignored.

Generally speaking, no matter what County you live in, smaller tents do not require permits. Smaller tents are usually defined as 800 sq ft or smaller. Any permitting required is the responsibility of the lessee. We will provide any documentation required however the permit application and cost is your responsibility. If sidewalls are included with a large tent rental, exit signs are required, which we can provide at an additional cost. Fire extinguishers are also required on most larger tent installations.